Monday, January 14, 2013

Having a ME day

Don’t treat me like I’m different, don’t treat me like I’ve changed …even though I’m sure I have…of course I have …half of me is gone.  But part of me is still here. The me that’s ME…the me that’s me without Richard. Maybe you don’t like that person. I don’t know… I don’t care.  I guess I’m finding out who really does.
 Don’t treat me like I’m defected now that it’s just me.  Only God can take apart what He has put together.  And He has taken Richard/Anna apart and now it’s just Anna. Sorry, and yeah I would change it if I could …but I can’t… and I won’t let you.  
I guess I’ve entered the angry stage of grieve…can you tell?…lol

You see ME!



  1. I think that one reason for such behavior is the "I feel the need to fix it" mentality and there is no way anyone can fix it when a person passes on. They may be avoiding you because they feel your pain and don't know how to make it better. While this is not the answer, and avoiding you makes your pain more profound. Maybe you could invite those who you feel are avoiding you over and have a little talk. See there I go trying to fix it! I admit it, my biggest hurdle is to just "Let go and Let God!" My mother was a fixer and I take after her! ♥

    1. Diane… thank you so much I completely agree with that….and have totally encountered that. However I don’t feel avoided. I just wish people would understand Richards’s death is the trial I’m going through but not what defines me. I just would like some people in my life to stop making my actions, reaction or lack thereof be about Richards’s death. To me it’s like a husband saying to his wife…”oh it’s because you have your “period” that you’re upset” … No maybe I’m just upset cause your treating me like crap!

      But thank you sweety for trying to fix it....Richard was a fixer...I know the heart behind a's a beautiful thing :)

  2. Anna, Thank you for sharing that beautiful song. I've not heard of her.

    I am currently doing a bible study with some women in our community by Beth Moore "The Psalms of Assent". I LOVE IT! The Psalms are so freeing. They touch on every emotion we have.

    I'm glad your having a ME DAY! You just be a crabby pants if you want to! Tell God and He will understand :)


    1. LOL...oh Anne that's funny...thank you for letting me be a crabby pants...sometimes us girlies just have to let it out....and with no hubby I just don't know were to go with it I blog. :)
      And I love Beth Moore! I watch her every Wednesday on James Robinson. That bible study sound wonderful!
      That song and a lot of Kari Jobe's music has gotten me through many lonely nights in these last few months. What a beautiful gift from God she is to the body of Christ.

  3. Oh, so you got your crabby pants on today. I totally think that's OK and you just keep on keeping on! We have to remember that life is not always rainbows and lollipops!

    Tell the mean ones to go away 'cuz you DON'T DO MEAN PEOPLE!

    And another thing, you just keep on blogging Anna, because here, we don't judge anyone!

    We'll take you any way you are.....


    1. Thank you Kim...and you are so right on ...I have to remember I DON'T DO MEAN PEOPLE! Cause I sure hate when their meanness makes me
      I like it better when life is rainbows and I'm going back to that land today...and leaving Meanville :)
      Thank you for not judging me...I know it is so easy to take me when you can turn me off with a click of the I'm sure sometimes people in my life would like that option in the natural realm...hahahahaha

      Nice Anna