Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sure Fit

With a pack of dogs I’m always looking for a way to save my furniture. I know it would just be easier to train them to stay off it…but what's the fun in that. ;)
So I was flipping through a magazine recently and saw an ad for Sure Fit slip covers.
Even though I need to cover the furniture I still would like it to look pleasant. Plus with this code (P308) you can get a 20% discount. That's good till March 31st 2013...feel free to use it.  J
Well because of that discount...and because who doesn't love a deal. I decided to give them a try.
Here is my before….I know its old but I love this busy loud pattern.

And below is the after. I have to say they are made very well and I’m happy with the product. I’ll let you know how well it holds up with a pack of dogs…that’s the real test…lol
But I must say this is still my favorite look. Hehehe J


  1. Oh Dog! We love Sure Fit Covers. I've used them up North for years. And they wash really well too. I love the pattern that you picked out. And yes, a couch just full of LOVE!


    1. That's great to know they wash well...Thank you Kim! Your sure right about a couch full of love :)

  2. Very Nice! The ones I got that time weren't from Sure Fit and they surely didn't fit! Why would anyone not allow a family member the right to use the furniture? That is not LOVE! ♥

    1. I found this in Country Living. They shipped so quick also. How about it...a home is to "LIVE" in!