Saturday, January 26, 2013

Contentment in the now

 A day of rest for me …which I had yesterday… often consists of just being able to observe my dogs in their silliness and yes sometime even in their suffering ...and then just being able to give them extra comforts because they have all my attention.  Like Mr. Goober who I found at one point in the day just sitting in his cage. I think because it was up against the heater and all the baths are just getting to the poor fellow. I gave him lots of his favorite treats…
his little spirit just looks broken to me right now.

Richard and I could sit for hours and just watch the dogs. I guess like people sit and watch a fish tank to relax this was our comfort. In fact on days he was home from work and I would try to use some of that time to get extra stuff done around the house as he watched the pack. Often while I was busying myself with something he would call for me and say…Hon, hon come here quick!… You want a picture of this! Although 9 times out of 10 I already had 20 pictures of whatever he was showing me I always got a kick out of how much he enjoyed the dogs and ended up just getting sucked right in with him. So that’s what I did yesterday I took pictures of the dogs just being dogs. I just enjoyed them J
I guess in a way it is like a Mother with many children. You can get so busy taking care of their needs you don’t always take the time to enjoy the moments. Since Richard past away I’ve learned to do that more than ever.
Like this little ambush in the hall, which I got a big giggle out of.

And this shot which may not look like anything to you, but was a shocker to me that Lil Ricky was sleeping in the same bed with Binny…(the white dog). Because for some reason he does not like her and normally attacks when she’s within 3 feet of him.  

 Oh but she’s keeping an eye on

This one always make me smile when I have found the little munchkin has invaded Jasper's Kingdom yet again and is snoozing away…

…but he’s completely in the dark about it …giggle.

So as I was taken pictures of the dogs just being dogs I caught this old girl just observing right along with me. Yes even dogs know how to stop and enjoy the moment. 

All you really have is…now. Yesterdays gone…tomorrows not promised…so may you find contentment in the now.  


  1. Poor Mr. Goober! We sure hope that he soon realizes that all those baths are good for him. He probably thinks he's being tortured. We hope that his smile returns soon. Because we just know he has one hidden in there someplace.

    I'm thrilled that you had a peaceful day to yourself with the puppers. Sometimes it is just what our soul needs. And with all those little ones walking around being JOYful is an added bonus.

    I love your last saying. If more people in the world only realized.......


    1. Thank you Kim...we will get Goober smiling again. :)He seems a little better this morning and did eat all his food...something he hadn't been doing for the last few day. I love that silly boy in the bubble and sure hate putting him through all the torture. But I have to believe somewhere they know your helping them.