Saturday, January 19, 2013

Can't hold our licker

The dogs were so excited when they got up to see that Shannie was here that they pounced on her to shower her with puppy dog kisses. Giggle!!!!

 There was no getting away even if she tried

 So she just gave into the mauling

 Then so sweetly tried to convince me she didn’t need a bath now… 
“See Grammy I’m all shiny and clean.”

“Yeah but what about that hairdo you got going there girl?!” Giggle!!!


  1. What's wrong with her hairdo? I've got the same one going on today! Gotta take care of my baby girl first and foremost, and she demands that I sit with her all day long. A shower, what's that? Just call me Stinky :)

    We love how Shannie got mauled. Now that's living life!!


    1. Don't feel bad for her Kim...she won...she's still in her pj's and it 6:30PM So now you have a little stink friend. Still praying for sweet Lily.... hold on Mommy...God's got you both :)

  2. What a fun grandma you are! Jammies until supper and puppies to play with :)

    1. Ok, that's a nice way of saying she has me wrapped around her

      Hugs Anne!