Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm with stupid

What Lil Ricky looked like and I pretty much felt like yesterday after I locked us out of the car in the parking lot at the local feed store :/
But I thank God for having Kids who can break into a car…
I think…lol
Anyway it all turned out just fine and was just another opportunity for the Lord to show me He’s got me…


  1. I can't help but laugh! First, your title is cracking me up. But never would thought the post would be about car keys. Poor Little Ricky looks so disheveled sitting there. She's probably so distraught over the criminal kids :)

    But on the brighter note.... Look at who has you covered! BEAUTIFUL!!

    Hope you recovered from the ordeal. Remember, when life hands you lemons, run the other way!


    1. (She's probably so distraught over the criminal kids)...that line made me bust out laughing! Thank you I needed it!

      Anna & the Pack