Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The power of a listening ear.

Many years ago my husband gave me one of his business card with this on the back of it.

What it is, is a promise to "listen”. 
That if at any time in our marriage I did not feel like I was being heard I could present this card and he would do his best to give me 100% of his attention. Whether he was in the middle of a busy day or even if we were in the middle of a "heated discussion" he honored this. When I came across it this morning I realized what a precious gift I had been given. …not the card…. but the gift of feeling like I was heard. I realize that gift of feeling so cherished is what causes me to relate to God in the way that I do. Because if a man…a flawed man… (Yes even my sweet Richard had flaws, but trust me I can't think of a one right now)… could love me so deeply how much more does my Heavenly Father love me. So now when I look at this card with all the precious memories behind it I’m reminded …God is always listening and he hears my cries.

I hope you know that you have a listen card with Jesus. 
And you can pull it out anytime.


  1. What a sweet card! I love the idea behind it. As I get to know Richard through your beautiful blog, I can honestly say, he was a VERY special man indeed. Thanks for letting me peek into your life.


    1. Thanks for peeking. Richard would have liked you friend :)