Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rubber duckie where are youuu

Mr. Goober is taken a medicated bath which he has to do every day for 2 weeks…vets orders. He’s the guy I affectionately call “The boy in the bubble”. He was essentially born with a severely suppressed immune system and it’s been a 5 year battle keeping him well. And of course this is also why no one wanted to adopt him. So he’s basically sanctuaried here He's a Pit Bull/ Pug mix...yes really... I saw the Mom and Dad. 

He’s such an enduring little guy…because he has to leave the shampoo on for 10 minutes. 
Try as he might to get it off. 
Shake, Shake, Shake!

And since we are giving baths…guess who’s next?

Actually Lil Ricky has become accustom to baths. I give her one once a week.

Accustom yes…but not happy about it.
Wow, if looks could

But one thing she does love is...

…the hairdryer!  
In fact when I’m blow-drying my own hair she comes running she loves it so much. 

I started doing my own grooming because I couldn’t find a groomer that would let me stay while she was being groomed.  So I did what I always do when I want to learn something. I go to my favorite university…YTU (You Tube University).  You can find a video on just about anything you want to learn on good ol' You Tube. I feel brilliant after an hour of watching how to videos. LOL

Ok Mums, I’m sleepy now after all that.


So that’s bath day at the ranch…Ok 2 down 16 more to go...
Calgon take me away... 


  1. You're a very brave woman! You're lucky Mr. Goober didn't drag you into the tub with him. Poor little fellow with all those allergies.

    I couldn't believe at first that was Little Ricky all washed up. We can tell, she is much happier now that she is dry. Sweet dreams little one.


    1. Goober must look big in the picture ...he is only 30 lbs. He just had such a severe infection through his whole system the vet had him on 4 different antibiotics at first... we are now down to 2 and treating his skin is the last leg of over 2 months of treatment to kick this thing out of his system. This poor guy has just been through it all. Yeah and Lil Ricky really does looks like a drowned rat when she is

  2. Poor Goober. It's a full time job for you to take care of the 18 dogs in your pack.