Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Widowed but not orphaned.

We had snow last night ... And yes when I woke up and saw it  I was grinning from ear to 
But as I got outside and started shoveling myself out my heart became very heavy and sad with each shovel full of snow.  As I was thanking the Lord for making me strong and able to do things like shovel snow and many other things that most husbands would do. I started thinking of other widows, other woman who have no one… who are left so alone. Because I watch and I pay attention now, because this is my lot in life... so my heart is tender to it.  It's like God started to let me hear their cries. And as my own tears started to fall down my face… I said "Lord what do I do, how do I help?”  I know it’s a lack in the body of Christ…in fact I started remember the story in Acts where right from the inception of the church there was an issue of widows being neglected. And please I am not saying this to make anyone feel condemned. Honestly before Richard died I thought like I’m sure most everyone thinks about any affliction that has not touched their own lives….

 “Hey, someone’s taking care of that.”

So as I continued to shovel and the tears were silently falling down my face I heard these words in my heart …widowed but not orphaned.   
Oh yes Lord we are not orphaned we have a Father who takes care of us... and He has all we need!  J

Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow…
Isaiah 1:17

Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction.
James 1:27

So now that I’m done cleaning up the church... HAHAHA…and solving all the world's problems….I think I'll clean my house. 

P.S. As I went to bed last night with such a sad lonely heart I asked the Lord to please give me a song. When I got up this morning one of my dear sweet spiritual daughters had emailed me this song. Yes the Lord takes care of the lonely widow.



  1. Widowed yes, but you are far from Orphaned my dear. I'm going to officially adopt you as my Blog Sister! Yes, weather or not you like it, that's just the way it's gonna be. So there!!

    Thank you Blog Sister for that beautiful prayer for Lily. I just put up a new post about her. I truly believe that all the prayers have helped her (and us).

    That is a BEAUTIFUL song. I looked up the lyrics so I could follow along with the video. What a great voice to be singing that song.

    I'm so tired. Going to make dinner, have a glass of wine and then relax with my little girls. And then I'm going to say yet another prayer for my Lily.


    1. Ok so are you the big sister or the little sister? Because that will determine how much I can tease you. Oh I'm just gonna make you the little sister so I can tease the snot out of But not today cause Lilyakins don't feel well :(.I'm heading off to your blog right after I post this to see the update.
      Hug to you
      and gentle,gentle hugs to Lily