Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The man in my bed is a green eyed monster


Oh my Jazzy man is finding his world 
turned upside down yet again.
My bedroom has become Jasper's kingdom.
Mostly because no other dogs can get into it due to the gate.
Well that was until LITTLE Ricky came along. 
She is so scrawny she can fit right through the bars.

So whenever I go into the room during the day and make him come out of his makeshift batcave to go potty…which he’s already not happy about...however now it's even more so when he looks down and sees Ricky in the bed below …he gets himself so worked up that someone has invaded his kingdom. 

He does not like anything in his world to change and even more so since Daddy died.
He is such a creature of habit.

And I sure love this little man that lives on my bed! J

Even though he’s a green eyed monster…lol


  1. I love the look Jazzy's giving you in the last picture. Lucy gave us that look when we brought home our yellow lab puppy last summer. Like "Why did you do this to me? We were fine just the way we were!" She still gives "the look" when ever he bugs her and she doesn't want to play or she's had enough. Jake is now 85 lbs and thinks he a lap dog and Lucy is 9 lbs and is the Queen of the house :)

    1. Yeah he don't have a poker face that's for sure. When he is mad at Mommy he makes sure I know it. lol
      And an 85 lb lap dog! I would love to see a picture of that...hahahaha