Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back in time

Because of Richard’s sudden home going I never posted my last post …which was celebrating Shannon’s going off to school and our summer together.  This weekend is her first visit back since Poppy went home to Jesus. She surprised me with many question. Some very hard ones….but she had one that made me LOL.  She said…”OH no Grammy who is going to help Reverend Angel dunk people under the water for the baptisms?” That still makes me LOL. I’m so glad she will always have the memory of Poppy baptizing her and the wonderful summer the three of us had together.

To go learn all the things we need for
Ok I think we got this one down...hehehehe
Have a wonderful year sweet princess!
We are so proud of you :)

It’s been a wonderful summer with our granddaughter. I pray we gave her memories she will carry all her life…ones that will be part of molding her to become all we know she will be. We are all going to miss seeing her beautiful face everyday.


  1. Oh sweet Shannon.... Such a beautiful child! Your pictures really capture the true beauty inside of her. You can tell she has a soft heart and a love for many things. We could learn a lot from her I'm sure.

    Love her back to school pictures!

    Thank you for sharing this special time in her life with all of us.

    BIG hugs to Shannon because I know she can help heal your heart!


  2. Awesome pics of our Granddaughter!!! I'm sure glad she is there with you!!BIG HUGS to both of you!!

  3. What a beautiful little Grand daughter you have.

    Sarah & le Weens