Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gotta have a WAWA (Family)

My husband worked for an amazing company.  Something we always felt but not until he went home did I really see how amazing. His friends and coworkers have walked this journey with me every step of the way.  But yesterday was the icing on the cake!  It was one of the hardest days yet.  I cried out to the Lord from the depth of my being.  I’ve heard it said “He interprets our moans and groans”…. because some pain is so deep that’s all we have. God really hears our inexpressible cries. Well he used my husband’s coworker to answer.  I received a call from the florist they had flowers to deliver. Only the Lord Jesus and my husband know what flowers mean to me and how perfect the moment was to get them. It was to me the Lord saying I hear your cries my daughter.
And they even came with balloons! Well that brought the little girl in my right out. Something my husband could always do…he could make me feel like the most audacious woman and a little girl all at the same time…so I wrote a note to Richard and tied it to them and was sending them up, up and away to my beloved!
Well they didn’t get far…LOL. But they landed in the perfect spot!
Right in the tree above the gazebo… right where we loved to sit the most and talk and pray for hours… right where we often sat and enjoyed the remains of the day with our granddaughter and the pack this summer... right in the tree he was trimming six years ago when he had a horrible chainsaw accident that should have taken his life then but God was gracious enough to give me six more years.  And right outside my favorite place to sit in the house so I can see them when I look out the window.
To remind me he has not really left me J

So this blog I’m dedicating to my Wawa family who sent the flowers and allowed God to use them to answer my inexpressible cry.
You could honor my husband in no greater way then to love on his Anna. Thank you from the depth of my heart... I love you 270!


  1. Wow, That is so beautiful Anna! =) It warms my heart to read this. Sending hugs and love your way!! <3 =)

  2. ^^^^ I just wrote that and it says Unknown lol >< (Colleen Ordog)

  3. Anna, You are an amazing woman, your courage and faith inspire me more than I could say. Even though I am no longer a working part of Wawa 270, I will always think of them as family. They truly are wonderful,caring people. I just want to Thank You Anna for inspiring me and helping to renew my faith. Sincerely, Donna E.

    1. Wow Donna I'm so excited you renewed your faith! That is the most beautiful thing to me. If somehow out of all this pain people can find the amazing love of sweet Jesus it is so worth it! And I know that would make Richard so happy also...he wanted everyone to know Gods love for them. Your an amazing woman! Thank you for sharing :)

  4. What a beautiful gesture! The Wawa family sounds amazing. I'm glad that they are there for you.

    P.s. Your yard is so beautiful. I hope that you still frequent your gazebo. You have so many happy memories from there. May they lighten your heart.