Friday, September 28, 2012

Nothing left unsaid

One of the comforts I have and thank God for is that Richard and I lived in such a way we left nothing unsaid between the two of us.  We talked about everything. I used to call him my best girlfriend because of that…lol.  Even a few weeks before he went home to Jesus we were talking about what we would do if the other went before us. And also what we would want for each other if we were the one that goes first. That conversation gives me strength now …I can hear his voice telling me to hold on to Jesus and to never give up and be happy and that he would be cheering me on every step of the way with the cloud of witness the bible talks about.  I realize it was a gift God gave us to share ever bit of our hearts with one another.  The other day I was looking for something and came across a letter I wrote Richard in his personal stuff.  Even thought I know I said these things to him often it made me smile that he treasured this letter and kept it.  There is such comfort in knowing the ones you loved knew they were loved. 

What you mean to me.
My Beloved,
There is no one else I’d rather spend time with. You’re the most interesting person I know and also the smartest. I love your smile and you still melt me with your touch.
I love giggling with you and having our own inside jokes. (Leviticus) 
You’re the most awesome man of God I know and that is the biggest turn on to me.
You’re the kindest person I know and I love how you show that. You put other people first to your own hurt.  You work harder than any man I know.  I love all the little things you remember to do for me it makes me feel like I’m always on your mind. I love sitting around in the yard together and just thanking God for how blessed our lives are. A perfect day is being with you no matter what we do.
I love how giving you are and how you have such a big heart to bless people in the name of Jesus. I love when you call me just because. I really love when you call me because you have something exciting to share and I’m the first person you want to share it with.
I love how we can tell each other secrets that no one will ever know about.
I like that you protect me when life gets to stressful. You’re my prince charming that is always coming to my rescue.
You’re the funniest, warmest, caring, loving, sexist, silliest, boldest, sensitive, giving man of integrity I know!
And I am head over heels, giggly school girl, madly, crazy over the moon in love with you!
And always will be.       

                                                               Love Lightning,

P.S. I’m not telling anyone what Leviticus means don't ask. LOL


  1. OK, OK, so we won't ask.... But yes, we can sure wonder....

    What a beautiful letter to your sweet husband. A strong love between two that you should be very proud of. Even in death, we know that true love NEVER dies!

    Thank you for sharing "your" love with all of us!


  2. So beautiful. I love to read past love letters that I find sometimes in Antique shops to see how the words flowed so full of happiness and light. Now I can say I've read a present day one. Just beautiful. You were very blessed in him indeed!

    Sarah & the Weens