Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It used to be...

It used to be your face I saw across the table.
Now it’s just this…

It used to be your hand caressing my cheek...
Now it’s my own wiping away my tears.
It used to be you who came to my rescue...
Now it’s a random neighbor or friend God puts in my path.
It used to be you who always reassured me when life became too overwhelming...
Now it’s overwhelming because you’re gone.
It used to be you I poured my heart out to...
Now I write it on a blog.




  1. writing is a beautiful and healthy way to process loss. may everyday get easier in Jesus' name. love you, lady!


  2. Oh Anna...sweet olive I will wipe your tears...love ya

  3. Ahw.. I only met you and Richard one time but i could tell that you both were soul mates. When i read about his passing i felt your grief run through me and i cannot imagine what you are feeling. If there is any consolation at all for you, it made me realize just how precious life is with our soul mates! And I am making mental pictures of everything about being with my husband. I pray for your sorrow to go away every time i think of you! You are teaching us with your writing not to take anything for granted and there is a lot of value in that. I know you probably wish it were not you being the teacher...

    Thanks for your postings...

    1. Jeannette...thank you for sharing that...you put it so well :) It really touched my heart!

  4. Your picture is beautiful today, but your post made me sad. I think Jeannette said it best tho when talking about making mental pictures. A wise friend!