Thursday, September 20, 2012

Love Lightning

I still remember how it felt the first time Richard touched me. He reached across a table to touch my hand and it was like lightning went through me. In fact it actually scared me because I never felt anything like that from someone's touch.  

Soon after that touch we had our first date. We went to see a movie called Meet Joe Black. There is a scene in the movie where Anthony Hopkins is talking to his daughter about what falling in love should be like. He sums it up with “Who knows lightning could strike”.

So for the rest of our life and our love…every letter or card we gave one another we always signed "Love Lightning”.

Richard’s touches always remained that to me... so when I was given an opportunity to get a necklace made from his thumb print when I was making the funeral arrangements I thought how perfect would that be to have.
Richard always gave me the most awesome, thoughtful gifts. Once he had a Raggedy Ann doll made for me and over her heart he had them stitch "Love Lightning". So I know this necklace was something he would have picked if he could have.
Well yesterday it came in and oh did I cry and I can’t stop running my fingers over it!  I’m such a sentimental person…so this is just such a treasure to me. Oh and guess what’s inscribed on the back?….yep…“Love Lightning”.
 That is Richard’s wedding band…like mine it says…
”I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”

Thank you my beloved
Until we touch again
Love Lightning!



  1. You are blessed! Such a beautiful bitter sweet memory. Not everyone has been so blessed with such a love. I am so glad that we met on Facebook. You are a treasure!

    1. Diane I feel the same way my friend! I really need to get your blog under blogs we enjoy :) Hugs

  2. Wow Anna, that is one amazing necklace! Such a beautiful love story.


    1. Oh Kim it is! I love it so much! Everywhere I go I show it to everyone and make them feel it....I even made the guy at the bank who's been helping me get thinks in order feel how cool it is....after I left I thought ...he must think I'm so creepy....LOL. But I could give a hoot!

  3. I LOVE your necklace! That is so precious. I have never heard of this kind of keepsake. I also love the fact that you wear Richard's wedding band on a chain.