Thursday, September 13, 2012

Not my bad

I love days when it feels like the Lord kissed you. Today was one of them for me.  I said to the Lord after Richard went home. “I’m not going to ask you way”. I truly trust God so I don’t feel like I need an answer to that question. But this morning I did have a question and it was …”Did I do something to deserve this…did I open a door to the enemy somewhere?” He answered this a few hours later in a word I was reading from a ministry I enjoy. 
Word For Those Who Have Suffered
I received this prophetic word specifically for people who have felt that God is calling them to something more, but have experienced a great deal of hardships and setbacks:
"The attack of the enemy has really been greater than you deserve. As a result of this God is going to give you a greater amount of favor and advancement – it is because you did not deserve all the pain you had to walk through to get it!"
God is healing "hope deferred" and disappointment in people who have nearly given up hope.

 Now that’s what I mean by being kissed by God. Like a Father scooping up a hurting child and kissing their boo boo away….is what that word felt like to me.
There is no one like our God!  


  1. I love your photos and the way you write. Makes me smile to read your beautiful way with words!

    Sarah & le Weens

    1. Thank you photography is therapy for me more then ever now. :)

  2. We hope that you're having a better day today. We are thinking of you.