Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thank you don't seem like enough sometimes

Yesterday I went to get a bible for a young lady that received Jesus at Richard’s "going home celebration"… as he wanted his funeral called.  He said "I will be more alive than any of you so just celebrate that and Jesus most of all"…so we did!  I also have wanted to get a pocket bible for awhile and because of everyone’s generous gifts I was able to do that.  I found the perfect one….what do you think?
So to everyone who has honored my beloved Richard and blessed me… please know every time I use this bible I will not only think of Richard but remember the kindness and love that has been shown to me…not just in monetary gifts but in your kind words, in your sincere tears and your willingness to take this journey with me.



  1. We'll be waiting for you to share a verse with us from your beautiful keepsake!


    1. Here is one just for you Kim. (The Lord repay your work and a full reward be given you by the Lord God of Israel under whose wings you have come for refuge. Ruth 2:12) Hugs my Friend!

  2. Like your post today (09-13) did for you, your reply to me here is helping me today more than you'll ever know....

    Thank you for being you!

    You can read all about it on my Blog today if you like @ I see you have us listed on your sidebar :)

  3. Oh my goodness. That's wonderful!! It looks so soft and inviting. Makes you want to just hold it even when it's not opened and being read. I think it's a fantastic find. ;)

    Sarah & le Weens