Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dirty laundry

I was so worried about Richard’s dog Jasper that he would go into a terrible mourning. I prayed God please don’t let this be the case. One because I didn’t want him to suffer and two I just couldn’t bear my grief and his at the same time. The first night was HARD!  He kept getting up to the edge of the bed and barking every time he heard the slightest sound... which got everyone else going. After hours of this I finally stood up looked at all the dogs and said very loud. “Listen, Daddy went home to be with Jesus and we need to accept that and move forward …now shut up in the name of Jesus!”   Then I took Richard dirty red sweatshirt and wrapped Jazzy in it…after that I didn’t hear a peep out of any of them again.  So the next day I went through the laundry and took all my husband’s dirty tee-shirts out for the dog. Every day I have been giving him one.  But yesterday something happened that amazed me. I went to give Jasper one of Daddy’s dirty articles of clothing to cuddle up with....but this time he sniffed it and walked away... not wanted anything to do with Daddy’s clothing since.  Again animals amaze me.  They know we can’t stay stuck in any stage of grief. We have to keep moving through the valley of the shadow of death. Because that’s just what it is a “shadow” and shadows can’t hurt you.   

This is Daddy and Jasper enjoying a cup of coffee.
Daddy just could not say no to


  1. Wow, have you got strength my friend! To be able to blog so beautifully during this transition in your life. I can hardly talk about my Mother (who died in my arms 4.5 years ago) without having an emotional melt down. I'm a mess just reading your post and looking at your Richard and his baby.

    Muffin went through the same thing as Jasper. Kept looking for her Mommy (my Mom) until she accepted the fact that she wasn't coming home. I will tell you, to this day when we go to their house in FL for the winter, when we arrive Muffin runs into the house with such excitement looking for Mom and checks out all the rooms to find her. It still breaks my heart! I too have kept some of Mom's clothes just so Muffin could "have her around." Muffin will ALWAYS be my Mom's Doxie, and I'm just a temporary replacement for her until we all meet up again in Heaven.

    God has graced you with His strength!


    Like my Mom would say in difficult times "you're a strong woman McGee!"

    1. So sorry about the loss of your Mom. Thank you so much for just being so kind to me. Your amazing and kind...and I so glad I meet you in bloggville :)